You're not alone in this work.


We have proven tools to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

Whether you're exploring a fresh business concept or have an established venture you want to grow, we can help.

Entrepreneur Lab Membership

For just $25/month, you get access to the Entrepreneur Lab, which provides coaching and connections that help you achieve your goals. Perfect for the just-starting out entrepreneur AND the seasoned business owner.

Technical Assistance Classes

We have a growing selection of technical assistance classes that help business owners manage and grow their business. These experiences are all about "doing" and are built to help the busy business owner get things done quickly and easily.





The Entrepreneur Lab offers tailored services designed to support YOU.

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or exploring a fresh concept, the Entrepreneur Lab can help. For just $25/month, you get access to all the services listed below.

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Startup Coaching

1:1 on-demand coaching, provided by seasoned entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to successfully launch a new venture (spoiler - it's a lot of work but totally worth it).

Management Coaching

You already have a business and want it to grow. Our 1:1 on-demand management coaching helps owners create growth plans, implement good management practices,  and build a better business.

Entrepreneur Roundtables

Connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners launching & growing businesses in rural communities across the country. Get inspired, share strategies, and learn about useful tools.

Professional Panels

Our Professional Panels give you the opportunity to learn about key topics related to online sales & marketing, directly from industry experts.


For just $25/month, you can have an entire network of experience on your team, plus connect with other rural entrepreneurs making it happen for their business. What are you waiting for?


“It was nice to have an open space to discuss business needs & challenges. Thanks so much for this opportunity!” 


—  Tracy W.

Tranquil Journey LLC



The Rural Ideas Network provides tools and connections that help innovators and entrepreneurs spark growth in rural America. Together we create positive economic outcomes for small towns and communities. 



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All of our services are delivered virtually. Once payment is completed you'll receive an email with instructions to access your purchased services. All sales are final. For services with automatic recurring payments, you can cancel anytime.