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The Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing the quality of life, economic well-being, and awareness of the Manchester Area so that our community will be a better place to reside and conduct business of professional endeavors.

Our Entrepreneur Lab is offered thanks to a partnership with the Rural Ideas Network, a national nonprofit that helps spark growth in rural communities.


200 E Main St, Manchester, IA 52057

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We're able to offer these programs & services thanks to these sponsors

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Want help navigating the current pandemic crisis? Our business survival coaching helps you create a Crisis Survival Plan. We'll work with you to complete a cash flow analysis, discuss any available financial relief, identify alternative income streams, discuss remote working strategies & tools, and evaluate productive downtime improvement opportunities.


This coaching service is for entrepreneurs who have a business idea and are ready to take the next steps to get it started. Our startup coaches, all experienced entrepreneurs, work 1-on-1 with you to move you from concept to open for business.


Ever wish you had an experienced business person to help you think about your business, answer questions, and help you remain accountable to the goals you set? Now you have a whole team of them!


Our 1-on-1 business management coaching helps new and established ventures overcome common growth obstacles, develop effective strategies, identify new income opportunities, and stay focused on success.


Group videoconferences that allow you to connect with rural entrepreneurs from across the country to talk shop. Each roundtable is facilitated by a trained staff member so they stay on-topic and productive. Learn about new tools, resources, and strategies that are helping other businesses grow, build your professional network, and find inspiration for your next big success.


Monthly opportunities for you to learn about key business topics from industry experts, with a focus on how to effectively sell online. Each panel session gives business owners first-hand opportunities to learn about topics like online sales, web design, social media, shipping, and more. All panel sessions provide pro-tips and include a Q&A section so you can get info relevant to your unique business.


Our partner, the Rural Ideas Network, has a growing selection of technical assistance classes that help small business owners manage and grow their business. These experiences are all about "doing" and are built to help the busy business owner get things done quickly and easily. The featured class right now is a 2-day Website Bootcamp.

The Entrepreneur Lab is possible through a partnership with the Rural Ideas Network. Learn about the network here >