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A Case Study in Product Improvement


A large, global manufacturing company was experiencing a product issue that they estimated was costing them $11 million annually in product repairs and maintenance. They wanted to develop modifications to their existing product that would not only solve this issue, but would generate new value through 1) marketable improvements, and 2) protectable solutions.


The team wanted to find actionable solutions fast, so through a half-day custom Innovation Works® recipe, this company was able to leverage knowledge from engineers and sales/marketing experts to focus on rapidly producing numerous solutions.

Working in small teams, participants collaborated to develop, refine and pitch their best ideas. Teams then took these initial concepts through additional iteration cycles using the same innovation process.


“This experience, which allowed cross-functional teams to rapidly generate solutions, ultimately produced seven concepts that were sent to the company’s patent attorneys. The process generated the marketable and protectable improvements we were looking for, and the team had fun.”

- Senior Staff Engineer

Download the Marketing Assets:

Manufacturing Case Study Package
Download ZIP • 7.69MB

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