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A Case Study in Recruitment & Retention

Hodge is a performance-driven logistics and material handling company that delivers smart,

efficient ways to approach the many layers that go into the development and execution of

the supply chain. Hodge is a 60-year-old company operating in 24 locations across five



Hodge wanted to improve their employee recruitment and retention strategies in order to 1)

reduce churn, 2) build stronger brand buy-in, and 3) improve the new employee experience.


Through a custom Innovation Works® recipe, Hodge was able to leverage the collective

intelligence of more than 55 employees to identify key areas where recruitment and

retention could be improved. Participants in the process included a diverse mix of

employees, including new hires, long-time veterans, hourly, salaried, entry-level, and c-suite.

Through a team-based process, employees narrowed in on the first day and 30-day

experiences as key inflection points that could move the needle on employee retention.

They developed, refined, and pitched ideas, evaluated implementation results, iterated

concepts, and continually applied Innovation Works® strategies to create value.


“We found a lot of opportunities to improve our initial impression for new hires through this

process. As a result of these sessions, we’ve implemented a new orientation process that

creates opportunities for employee feedback and makes them feel like a part of the family

right from the start.”

- Jordan Fullan, VP Human Resources

Download the Marketing Assets:

Hodge Case Study Package
Download ZIP • 825KB

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