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Ecosystem Builder Interview with Bret Carpenter of Reinventing Rural

Step into the world of rural entrepreneurship with Entrepreneurship on the RISE's latest featured podcast episode with Bret Carpenter from Benton County, Oregon. A seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for small business growth, Bret wears multiple hats—Business Instructor, Reinventing Rural Ambassador, Business Advisor, and Technology Geek.

In this insightful episode, Bret Carpenter unveils the surprising similarities between small home businesses and larger enterprises, shedding light on their shared traits. Discover the game-changing potential of Mighty Networks in fostering collaboration among smaller communities, enabling them to pool resources and flourish collectively. With a spotlight on the significance of an online presence for rural businesses, particularly magnified by the pandemic, Bret illustrates the pivot many have embraced.

This episode promises to ignite your passion for rural entrepreneurship while unveiling the tools and insights needed to succeed in this dynamic landscape.

Connect with Bret Carpenter: Reinventing Rural

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