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How an Executive Aligns with a Board

This week, we are pleased to feature an insightful podcast episode from Coaching for Leaders, hosted by Dave Stachowiak, featuring the esteemed Joan Garry. Joan is a renowned advocate for the nonprofit sector and a sought-after executive coach, bringing a wealth of experience as the founder of the Nonprofit Leadership Lab. In this featured episode, Joan and Dave delve into the crucial relationship between an executive director and board chair, emphasizing the shift from merely keeping the board happy to fostering shared leadership.

The discussion revolves around key lessons from the nonprofit world, offering valuable insights for executives aiming to align effectively with their boards. The episode highlights the significance of clarity in decision-making, particularly for individuals with a "type A" personality, and encourages a focus on one clear objective at a time to streamline the decision-making process.

Moreover, Joan emphasizes the importance of elevating board thinking beyond risk management, urging executive directors to inspire boards to operate at a higher altitude. The podcast concludes with a noteworthy perspective on the motivation behind board members' desire to "give back," emphasizing the significance of understanding why they choose to contribute to a specific organization. This episode serves as a valuable resource for economic development partners, providing practical guidance on creating a framework for shared leadership and fostering a collaborative relationship between executives and boards.

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