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Revitalizing Boone: The ReVamp Project Led by Tina McDonald

In the heart of Boone, Iowa, a transformation is underway that promises to breathe new life into a once-neglected space. ReVamp is a visionary project led by Tina McDonald, a passionate entrepreneur with a vision for community renewal and collaboration.

McDonald conceived ReVamp from a desire to bring back vibrancy to a part of town that had seen better days. Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the project seeks to embody the idea of creating beauty through repair, placing a higher value on the existing structures rather than discarding them.

The name ReVamp perfectly encapsulates the essence of the project—revitalization and renewal. It was a name suggested by a teacher during a collaboration with the Boone Edge program, resonating with Tina's mission of breathing new life into a distressed part of the community.

The driving force behind Tina's investment in a building for the community was to provide a space where residents and visitors could gather, enjoy, and create memories together. Partnering with the Scenic Valley Railroad, ReVamp aspires to be a hub for recreation and 

community events, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Tina McDonald's leadership has steered ReVamp's journey marked by collaboration and engagement with various stakeholders. From city council members and local businesses to students from Boone Edge and design expertise from Iowa State University, the planning and development process has been a collective effort. Design sessions were conducted to incorporate the community's ideas and desires, ensuring that ReVamp truly reflects the spirit of Boone.

The response from the Boone community has been overwhelmingly positive. Through social media groups and direct interactions, the community has expressed excitement and support for the project. The attendance at events and encouraging conversations around town have fueled Tina's motivation to move forward, with residents acknowledging the need for a space like ReVamp in Boone. 

With an optimistic timeline for a full opening by the end of 2024, ReVamp is set to achieve milestones along the way. The focus is on having the event space and kitchen ready by April, with ongoing efforts to stabilize the building's structure and engage the community in both indoor and outdoor activities.

As the project progresses, the message is clear—believe in yourself and the vision. Tina McDonald and ReVamp stand not just as a physical space but as a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and the unwavering belief that thoughts can indeed become things.

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