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Small Town, BIG Ideas

Stanton, Iowa is a small community of about 680 people in southwest Iowa. But Stanton is known for punching above its weight, thanks in part to the forward thinking leadership of their local telecommunications company - Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC). FMTC has created a robust fiber optic network, is making investments in rehabilitating old buildings, and is using Rural Ideas Network tools to support local entrepreneurs and businesses.

In late 2020, FMTC leader Kevin Cabbage learned about the Rural Ideas Network's Entrepreneur Lab service, which delivers a full suite of business support services 100% virtually anywhere in the country, and knew it was the perfect compliment to their internet service. They launched the new Farmers Mutual Telephone Company Entrepreneur Lab in late 2020 and are making it available to every internet service customer they have, at no extra cost.

FMTC is excited to partner with the Rural Ideas Network to bring Entrepreneur Lab services to our customers. The combination of FMTC fiber optic internet services and the creativity of the Entrepreneur Lab helping our customers realize their business dreams is exciting growth for SW Iowa. - Kevin Cabbage, CEO, FMTC

The Rural Ideas Network is thrilled to include FMTC and Stanton, Iowa among the more than 50 partners who have launched Entrepreneur Labs since early 2020. They serve as a great example of a private business that's actively investing to support local economic development in order to help their community thrive!

To learn more about Entrepreneur Labs and how they can amplify your ability to support local businesses, click here >

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