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The Rural Ideas Network launches an Entrepreneur Lab for Manchester, Iowa

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The Rural Ideas Network is powering rural entrepreneurship in Manchester, IA (pop. 5,179) in partnership with the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Manchester, and a local Good to Great community development committee.

By partnering with the Rural Ideas Network to launch an Entrepreneur Lab, the Manchester Chamber is able to provide a full suite of services to help both local startups and existing businesses. And, since these programs are all powered by the Rural Ideas Network, they can get these benefits without adding any administrative burden to their staff.

“We see this as a great opportunity to continue the development of our current businesses while also supporting entrepreneurs and felt that the timing was perfect. Innovation is something we all need to embrace and we have good partners and a network to help our community take that next step. - Jessica Pape, Executive Director Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce

Manchester's new Entrepreneur Lab provides meaningful services to both new and existing businesses, including 1:1 on-demand coaching for business owners, monthly entrepreneur round tables, and discussion panels with digital marketing & sales experts.


To learn more about Entrepreneur Labs, click this link >

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