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Why Email Marketing Still Reigns: Insights from the Social Media Marketing Podcast

Email marketing may not be the shiny, new toy in the world of digital marketing, but it's a powerhouse that continues to deliver impressive results. In a recent episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast hosted by Michael Stelzner and featuring guest Alex Cattoni, a marketing strategist and founder of Copy Posse, I gained valuable insight into the enduring strength of email marketing. Small business owners should prioritize listening to this week's feature podcast episode.

In a world where spammy marketing emails flood our inboxes, it's easy to dismiss the entire concept of email marketing. However, it's essential to recognize that amidst the clutter, there are emails that offer real value, entertainment, and information that people genuinely appreciate.

One compelling reason to embrace email marketing is its reach. With over 4 billion users globally, email surpasses all social media platforms. For many, it's the first point of contact in the morning, making it a prime channel to connect with your audience.

Unlike social media, where algorithms and platform changes can affect your reach, email gives you direct access to your audience. You own your email subscribers, providing a level of control that's hard to achieve through other channels.

Find out more by listening to this week's feature podcast episode: Email Marketing Strategy: Cultivating Prospects with Content.

To delve deeper into Alec Cattoni's expertise, you can find her on YouTube at @AlexCattoni and on Instagram at @copyposse. Plus, you can get her ultimate email marketing cheat sheet for free at

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