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Why Is It So Hard (And Expensive) to Build Anything in America

When asked for podcast recommendations, I constantly have cohorts recommending Freakonomics episodes. In rural America, the cost of construction is on the rise, and though we might be in a bit of a dip, it's discouraging when trying to build our rural communities. This Freakonomics episode helps to explain what is happening in the realm of construction projects.

The podcast episode under the spotlight today is Freakonomics' "Why is it so Hard (and Expensive) to build Anything in America." In a landscape where most industries have witnessed increased productivity over time, the construction sector stands out as an exception. The episode delves into the causes behind the challenges faced by the construction industry and explores potential solutions, including the intriguing prospect of prefabrication (or "prefab").

For rural communities grappling with the rising costs of construction, this podcast offers valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the industry. The exploration of why construction seems to defy the productivity trend opens up new avenues for understanding and potentially addressing the issues faced by those seeking to build and develop rural areas. As the cost of construction becomes a critical factor in rural development, the Freakonomics episode provides a lens through which the Rural Ideas Network members can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and consider innovative solutions for building sustainable and thriving rural communities.

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