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Thanks to our partnership with the Rural Ideas Network, a certified Grow with Google partner, we can offer an exclusive selection of workshops and training opportunities to help you leverage Google digital tools to grow your business.


Check out our expanding selection of complimentary workshops and training opportunities designed to help you leverage Google digital tools to enhance your presence on the web, reach new audiences, and generate more sales.

Learn the Basics of Google Ads
Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing
Make Better Business Decisions with Google Analytics
Get Your Local Business on Google Search and Maps
Increase Your Sales with Google Ads
Negotiate Like a Pro


Check out our complimentary 1-on-1 WIX Website Bootcamps, designed to help small business owners launch and manage a new, effectives website. These tailored bootcamps help busy business owners get a new website designed and launched quickly and easily, supported by our experienced professionals.

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These complimentary, on-demand workshops are provided by a variety of business support organizations across the country. Our partners at the Rural Ideas Network have personally participated in each of these workshops and verified that they meet our quality and relevance standards, so you know they'll be worth your time.

AI 101 - Part I - "What Can AI Do For You?"

Recorded Webinar

Join Tony Rockliff, renowned expert from Tony Rockliff Productions, in collaboration with SCORE Pinellas County, for an eye-opening webinar on the transformative power of AI. Tony will address key questions: "What's the buzz around AI and its real-world applications?" and "Why is understanding AI crucial for my future?" Discover how AI can revolutionize your marketing, saving you time and enhancing your strategies through automation and data analysis. Don't miss this chance to unlock the potential of AI for your business growth and personal development.

AI 101- Part 2 AI Content Creation And Super-Prompts

Recorded Webinar

Unlock the secrets of AI-driven marketing strategies with Tony Rockliff in this recorded webinar. Gain insights on leveraging AI beyond ChatGPT for comprehensive research, mastering the art of crafting ultra-compelling copy, and effectively communicating your needs to AI. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just beginning to explore the possibilities of AI, this session offers practical techniques to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve unparalleled results.

Mastering AI for Business Growth: Embracing AI in Business Advanced Workshop

May 28, 2024
12:00pm EDT

Join this virtual workshop, "Mastering AI for Business Growth," led by Maureen Edwards, an award-winning branding, marketing, and business strategist. Designed for seasoned business owners and AI enthusiasts, this session explores advanced AI applications, data analytics, and strategic implementation tactics.  Elevate your understanding and utilization of AI for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Quickbooks Resource Guide

The QuickBook resource videos shared provide helpful information and tips which will equip you with what you need to know about getting going as an entrepreneur and becoming a successful business owner.

   We love these on-demand videos because they are organized into bite-sized clips which make it easy to find exactly what Quickbooks topic you need assistance with. 

Iowa SDBC Smart Start

The Iowa SBDC Smart Start series is the perfect way to begin your journey to starting your own business.  The series will take you through the planning process all the way through the fine details of critical decisions, developing a business plan, and cash flow projections. We suggest that you watch the videos and get in touch with your Iowa SBDC counselor in your area to give you one-on-one assistance.

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